the LOYALTY islands

4 islands, one beating heart...

Somewhere in the South Pacific, off the coast of New Caledonia… Four pearls set in the Pacific Ocean, as if displayed on velvet to protect their hidden treasures. Four islands whose secret beauty has been preserved… Lifou, Maré, Ouvéa and Tiga open their doors and their hearts to you. They offer you some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and invite you to discover a culture that is original and well and truly alive…



Shaped by the sea, the Loyalty Islands are one of its most beautiful creations. The thousand shades of blue of the lagoon and the open sea are home to exceptionally rich and preserved fauna. But beyond the usual postcard images, the Loyalty Islands distil a raw purity, where nature borders on perfection and are full of small hidden paradises for those who know where to look and are willing to escape the beaten track...


In the Loyalty Islands, the nonchalance and exoticism of the South Seas combine with the mysterious depths of the Melanesian world, reinforced by a rich and turbulent history. More than elsewhere in New Caledonia, life for the Loyalty Islanders is rich in traditions and legends expressed vividly through custom, a set of secular rules that govern the community life of the tribes. The human and cultural wealth and the Loyalty Islanders’ natural hospitality are an inexhaustible source of exchange and mutual enrichment for the visitor!

The Oceanian

art of living

The Loyalty Islands are at the heart of a rich and fertile, natural, and human ecosystem. The islands’ lagoon is filled with fish and seafood, the Loyaltians are farmers at heart and the particularly generous soil produces fruits and vegetables in abundance. All these natural treasures combined with Oceanian and European influences combine in an authentic and original cuisine that is full of flavours and results in local creations that are also respectful of the environment and with qualities recognized beyond the New Caledonian borders.



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