Conditions of sale



The offer of sale of voyages governed by these conditions of sale and constituting tourist packages is proposed by :

The simplified joint-stock company "Integrateur Touristique des Îles" (SILE), under the commercial name "Îles Loyauté Explorer", with a share capital of 1,000,000 CFP francs, whose head office is registered at BP343, Noumea Cedex, 98845, New Caledonia, whose activity is registered in the Trade Register under number 1.048.800, benefiting from authorization under a travel and tourism license, numbered 26022013, under deliberation No. 185 of 10 May 2001, relating to New Caledonia.
Phone : +687 27 70 50
Email : reservation@ilexplorer.nc


The purpose of these conditions of sale is to describe the terms and conditions of sale of the services of visits and tours offered by ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER on its website www.ilesloyautexplorer.nc

They complete the prior information communicated to the customer before his purchase, under the Consumer Code and inform the customer of the conditions under which ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER offers its services. No right of withdrawal: Under the provisions of Article L. 221-28-12° of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts concluded with ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER provided on a specific date or period.

The pre-contractual information is an integral part of the contract concluded but is subject to change before the conclusion of the contract covering the following points: main characteristics of the trip (transport, accommodation, schedules, stopovers, itineraries etc. within the meaning of Article R. 211-4-1 °), the price, the number of people required for the realization of the trip and the cancellation costs

The customer acknowledges having received and read these special conditions of sale in their entirety, the specific conditions relating to certain services, as well as all the terms of the proposition (quote, program) established by ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER before having made his reservation.

Any modification will be communicated to the traveller before the conclusion of the contract by any clear and understandable means, in particular by sending an email to the address provided by the customer, modifying the elements of the prior offer.

If one of the clauses of these conditions was or became unlawful, null or void as a result of regulations in force or a final court decision, it would be declared negated, but the other provisions would remain lawful and enforceable against the parties. The customer acknowledges being competent to contract when booking services offered by ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.


The price is indicated in CFP Francs for each of the trips listed in the ILES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORERcatalogue.

The price includes all taxes and may show the mandatory taxes and fees known at the time of booking: embarkation/disembarkation taxes in ports and airports, tourist taxes in the chosen accommodation and indicate any additional costs to be expected. Prices do not include all services before check-in at the airport or port, as well as vaccine fees, gratuities, and all personal expenses.

Prices are calculated based on the number of nights, not full days. No post-booking discount is granted compared to the price indicated in the ILES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORERcatalogue. The price communicated to the customer is that confirmed by ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER on the date of the order, confirmed by the customer under the conditions referred to in Article 3 below.

Any price change after the publication of these conditions will be notified to the customer in a clear, comprehensible, and prominent manner before the conclusion of the contract and confirmed on the confirmation or contract.
The guaranteed price may vary according to the number of participants, which will be specified in price tables for each of the trips offered in the ÎLES LOYALTY EXPLORER catalogue.

The prices per person indicated in the ILES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORERcatalogue, quotations, product sheets and programs have been determined according to the economic data in force at the time of their publication.

Under Articles L.211-12, R. 211-8 and R. 211-9 of the Tourism Code, ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER may modify the price of its services, both upwards and downwards, to take the following variations into account :
The cost of transport, linked in particular to the cost of fuel and other energy sources, to the various taxes and charges on travel services imposed by a third party who does not directly participate in the execution of the contract: tourism, landing, embarkation, disembarkation in ports and airports. Variations in the cost of transport and the various related taxes will be included only in proportion to their part in the calculation of the price of the voyage, indicated at the time of booking.

If under the above provisions, ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER is obliged to modify the price initially proposed, the customer will receive the following information in a clear, understandable, and distinct form on a durable medium: An amended quote or invoice for payment and booking confirmation with a reference number.


For each of the proposed trips, the acceptance of the offer by the buyer is concretised by validation using the customer’s durable signature on a quote or contract.


ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER reserves the right to invoice customers for the costs charged by third parties in the event of a change in the name of passengers, tickets, as well as the change in room occupancy or any other service included in the package for the trip.

Les billets d’avion ou de bateau ne sont pas remboursables après émission, que ce soit pour cause de modification de date ou d’annulation de voyage.
Les frais d’annulation sont calculés sur le total de la réservation, par client.
Toute demande d’annulation ou de modification doit être adressée par écrit à ÎLES LOYAUTE EXPLORER par courrier recommandé ou par mail à l’adresse suivante reservation@ilexplorer.nc.

The effective date will be considered the date on which the customer's mail reaches ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER. In case of a trip change, the replacement trip must be of an equivalent or greater value and the customer must pay the additional price, if the current fare of the new reservation is lower than that of the initial trip, the difference in fare will be considered as a modification fee to be collected by ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.


  1. Termination of the contract and exceptional and unavoidable circumstances: If ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER is forced to cancel the trip, it will inform the customer. The customer will be reimbursed for all sums paid.
  2. Number of participants: Some of our trips are subject to a minimum number of participants to be finalized. If the minimum number of participants is not reached, ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER will have the possibility to cancel the contract with reimbursement free of any charges.


The buyer must pay in full for his trip at the time of his acceptance of the quote or contract of sale proposed by ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.

The customer guarantees ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER, when validating his quote or contract, that he is in a regular situation concerning the issuer of the payment card or bank cheque. The validation using the customer’s communication of his credit card number, provided for in the validation of the quote or contract referred to in Article 3 above, implies acceptance by the customer of the payment of the full price corresponding to his order. If the payment proves to be irregular, incomplete, or non-existent, for any reason whatsoever, and the services are not paid within the stipulated period, the provision of the services and travel documents will be suspended, and the costs incurred will be borne by the debtor customer.

The confirmation of a reservation commits ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER, subject to payment for the services provided within the deadlines initially set.


  1. Identity check
    Pour tous les voyages présentés dans le catalogue ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER et régis par les présentes conditions de vente, le client doit être en possession d’un seul ou de plusieurs des documents obligatoires suivants, en cours de validité : passeport, carte nationale d’identité, autorisation parentale, visa, certificat médical, carnet de vaccinations le cas échéant, etc…
    Les formalités mentionnées dans le catalogue ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER s’adressent aux ressortissants français et sont données à titre indicatif. Les ressortissants étrangers doivent s’adresser à leur autorité consulaire.
    Dans tous les cas, le client est invité à consulter avant son départ : www.gouv.nc.
    L’accomplissement des formalités incombe au voyageur, qui devra s’assurer avant son départ des modifications éventuellement intervenues. Les frais afférents à cette vérification sont à la charge du client.
    Le voyage acheté ne peut en aucun cas être remboursé lorsque le client, par suite de non-présentation des documents en cours de validité (passeport, visa, etc…) se trouve dans l’impossibilité de prendre le départ à la date indiquée sur sa confirmation de contrat. Dans ce cas, les frais afférents à l’annulation de ce voyage ou séjour demeurent à sa charge.
  2. Health formalities
    Il appartient au client de prendre connaissance des conditions et formalité sanitaires nécessaires à la bonne exécution du voyage.
    ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER recommande de consulter régulièrement les sites suivants avant le départ :


ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER is fully liable to the customer for the proper performance of the obligations resulting from the contract, whether these obligations are to be performed by itself or by other service providers, without prejudice to its right of recourse against them.

However, ÎLES LOYAUTE EXPLORER may be exempted from all or part of its liability by providing proof that the damage is attributable either to the traveller, or to a third party unrelated to the provision of the services provided for in the contract and is unforeseeable or unavoidable, or to exceptional and unavoidable circumstances (situations beyond the control of the party invoking it and whose consequences could not have been avoided even if the party had been able to take all reasonable measures, and which prevents either the client or the agency or service providers involved in the realization of the trip, to perform all or part of the obligations provided for in the contract. Examples: insurrection, attacks, riot, or any prohibition enacted by governmental or public authorities, climatic conditions such as cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, clouds, sand, wind, geographical, or sanitary or political conditions of the host country), within the meaning of Article L. 211-16 of the Tourism Code.

In the event of the application of its legal liability related to its service providers within the meaning of the aforementioned article, the limits of compensation resulting from international conventions according to Article L. 211-17-IV of the Tourism Code will apply; Failing this, and except for intentional or negligent injury or damage, damages will be limited by the contract to three times the total price of the trip or stay.

En vertu de l’article L. 211-17-1 du Code précité, les réclamations au titre de la responsabilité de l’organisateur ou du détaillant se prescrivent par deux ans.
La responsabilité de ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER ne pourra être mise en jeu pour toute non-conformité de prestations achetées à l’initiative du client et hors contrat de voyage.
ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER ne pourra être tenue pour responsable des vols pouvant être commis ou au cours du voyage que dans les limites fixées par l’article 1953 du Code civil.


Pour certaines prestations, les conditions particulières de vente de l’organisateur peuvent suppléer les présentes conditions.
Tous les organisateurs sur le catalogue ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER, régis par les présentes conditions de vente, sont couverts par une assurance de responsabilité civile selon les lois en vigueur, et sont autorisés à exercer leur activité dans les conditions requises par les autorités.

In the event of a crisis (strike, riots, conflict, attack, sanitary conditions, bad weather conditions) or for any other technical reason, the organizer may at any time and without prior notice, cancel, advance, or delay a service and cannot be held liable to passengers in the event of cancellation, advancement, delay, modification, or substitution.

Les conditions afférentes à chaque circuits ou séjours au sujet des horaires, itinéraires, modifications, inscriptions et conditions d’annulation, sont également indiquées pour chaque circuit ou séjouCertainesr proposée dans le catalogue ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.

However, certain information may only be given subject to weather conditions or external events beyond the control of the organizer, which may affect the conduct of particular events.

Departures during the period of particular events or celebrations may result in the organizers applying special conditions of cancellation, payment of deposit, and constraint of the duration of the trip ... These elements are specified for each trip or stay concerned as presented in the offer and the quote or ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER contract.


Any request for a claim must be made by registered letter or by email to reservation@ilexplorer.nc

Sera considérée comme date effective la date à laquelle le courrier du client parvient à ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.
En ce qui concerne les réclamations du client concernant le déroulement ou l’organisation du voyage, celles-ci sont à adresser en fonction des circonstances et dans les meilleurs délais sur place au représentant d’ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.

ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER asks the traveller, in case of difficulties encountered during his trip (flights, supplements requested by a service provider on site, delays etc.), to have the facts confirmed in writing by the authorities or the local representative of the organizer.

Upon return, the traveller may also send his complaint in writing within 8 days of the end of the stay to ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER, BP 343, Noumea Cedex, 98845, New Caledonia.


ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER cannot be held responsible for the customer's failure to register at the place of departure of air or sea transport, for any reason whatsoever, for example, caused by a delay in pre-routing by air, rail, or land, even if this delay results from a case of force majeure, a chance event or the act of a third party.


ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER has taken out an insurance contract with the HELVETIA Group guaranteeing its professional civil liability up to 1,500,000 Euros.

To ensure maximum tranquillity, ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER advises travellers to take out complementary insurance covering repatriation and medical assistance, cancellation, interruption of stay and luggage before the purchase of the trip.


ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER collects customers' data for the proper performance of the subscribed contract.

The customer's consent will be expressly collected for the use of personal data, on the one hand, to be integrated into the customer file of ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER and, on the other hand, to receive commercial solicitations and newsletters from ÎLES LOYAUTÉ EXPLORER.

The above terms and conditions of use have been translated from the French and in the event of a dispute, it is the French version which is definitive.
(Les conditions générales d’utilisation ci-dessus ont été traduites du français et en cas de litige c’est la version française qui fait foi.)

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