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Tour of 4 days/3 nights in Maré

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  • 14 November 2022
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Tour of 4 days/3 nights in Maré

The island of Maré, a little less known than Lifou and Ouvéa, is undoubtedly the wildest, most discreet, and most authentic of the islands. Here, time seems to have stopped... Nevertheless, it contains a great cultural and natural wealth, it is also the largest source of food products in the island territories ...

Day 1

Upon arrival at La Roche Aerodrome (the 1st flight from Noumea is normally at 6:30 am with an arrival on the island at 7:10 am), head to your accommodation in the southeast of the island the,Nengone Village Hotel. nestles on the edge of one of the most beautiful white sand coves on the island and is surrounded by coconut trees and columnar pines,hôtel Nengone Village, you will find the hotel offers a haven of calm and a complete change of scenery whether you are in a garden bungalow or a comfortable hut,

While waiting for check-in time at 14:00, enjoy a hearty breakfast in its restaurant.

After that, discover the surroundings of the hotel, it is a very pleasant walk from the hotel, the path runs through a lush forest of columnar pines and offers access to the two beautiful beaches of Shini and Pedhe. After that, you can come back to collect the keys to your bungalow. Shini and Pehde beach.. Et vous reviendrez pour récupérer les clés de votre bungalow.

You can also be guided by Vivien Citré who will tell you a legend as you walk. The hike through the forest begins at the Cengeite tribal village’s small quarry. This 30-minute walk runs through columnar pines before arriving at Shini Beach. On this large white sand beach, the guide will recount a legend sitting on some of the rocks. The return takes 40 minutes to arrive at Pehde beach.. The bay of Pehde beach. Bay is made up of several other beaches and there are lots of caves to visit.

After this walk, you can rest upon your return, either by the hotel pool sipping a cocktail or in your bungalow.

For dinner, the hotel's chef will propose menus based on local products.

Day 2

Take your car and discover together the must-sees of the island. Heading south about 7 km from the hotel, a first stop is proposed at the Pethoen Cave. From Wabao, just before the first houses of Medu, stop near a bend. On the left, a path goes deep into the forest and leads, in just a few minutes, to Pethoen Cave. one of the most spectacular on Maré. There is a thick curtain of stalactites along which slip droplets which draw shadows on the clear blue water, this is a scene of endless jumping competitions organized by the children of the tribal village. To visit this cave, it is better to ask a guide from Medu.

You could spend the day there, but you have not finished discovering the other wonders that Nengoné offers. Leaving the cave, retrace your steps and take the road of the 4 paths. Continue straight after the two roundabouts. Once the second roundabout is passed, you will enter the La Roche tribal village, and go east towards the Wakone tribal village, your second stop is 10 km later: Warrior’s Leap. Leap. It is a 7-metre-wide fracture into the rock. The cliffs dominate the sea here. According to legend, a warrior jumped over this rift in a single leap. You will see water of the most beautiful blue imaginable from here and from the end of the fence, you will have a breathtaking view of the island.

After this stop, you will probably be hungry, so return to the La Roche tribal village, where you will find.Ebu grocery, which not only serves as a grocery store and car rental agency, but also offers snacks, and where you will find something to eat. But don't worry, on your way, there are other gas stations and grocery stores. You can also opt for a full meal that you will have booked 24 hours in advance with an inhabitant of this tribal village in the Chez Kétu Gîte. To get there, take the road that passes in front of the church and the nursery school in La Roche, and 100m on the left, a sign indicates the entrance to the gite.

If you have opted for a picnic, wait for the next stop before enjoying your meal so continue for 30 km to the place called "Lio", where the Hole of Bone, is located, From the road you can see a hole. You must then leave your car on the side of the road and take the small path that leads closer to this imposing hole. You can barely see the bottom; the vegetation having grown around the interior. You will discover one of the largest submerged cavities in the world. Its 50 m well leads to an underground lake of more than 350,000 m3 of fresh water. A sensational site for geology lovers.

After this break, you continue along the road and not far from the Hole of Bone, you can visit the Hole of Bone, remember to check its opening hours in advance and get authorization for a visit. Then continue through the Hnawayac, Padawa, and Nécé tribal villages to arrive at the small Mebuet Bay 13 km away Mébuet Beach beach is easily accessible from the road that passes right next to it, so take a moment, and stop there for some snorkelling, the first part of the bay is composed of a herbarium and goes towards the deeper sea, where there is a flat area from where you can observe the diversity of its marine fauna and flora.

You can end your day with the last and perhaps best stop of the day, the Natural Aquarium just 8 km away, well signposted, and easy to access. Natural Aquarium looks like a small piece of lagoon trapped by a coral wall and dressed around with a ring of plants. This shallow pool with its emerald tones communicates with the sea through a siphon (NB it is forbidden to swim here). During cyclonic periods, fish and turtles enter to seek refuge here. Just across the road from the natural aquarium, the Wi Dongo area is home to a variety of centuries-old endemic mangroves.
At the end of this day, you will look forward to returning to the hotel and relaxing.

Day 3

You have not yet visited the two beaches of Wabao and Céngéité so we invite you to discover them as seen from the sea with a boat trip from the Eni tribal village. Your guide Émile, is the owner of the Waterloo Gîte and he will take you on his boat for a tour south of the island of Maré, a 2-hour excursion to:
– Observe the bays
– Go snorkelling
– Visit Dolphin Bay, also called Niri Bay, which is the perfect place to watch the dolphins that return every year to breed in this area
– Go walking along the coast

For lunch, a beautiful table d'hôte, at Chez Dom still in the Éni tribal village, where Dom will be happy to concoct excellent local dishes for you and not expensive either. Be sure to book the day before if you opt for this boat trip option.

Day 4

For this last day, if you have chosen to leave by Air Calédonie’s last flight at 7 p.m., you will have plenty of time to organise some last-minute activities, visiting the Tadine communal market which is held every Wednesday and Friday morning, and buy some local honey at Wénémit Sipa in the Nécé tribal village.

How to get there?

From the village of Tadine, continue towards the Necé tribal village, pass the petrol station in the tribal village and immediately after the Eté bakery, turn left and enter the tribal village, the road will take you towards the sea. At the bend, Wénémit's house is on your right. Notify him in advance of your visit. He has a very varied choice of honey products, ranging from the light-tone honey typical of coastal vegetation to that from the orchards, and in between the amber nectar from the plateau area. The range of colours and tastes is a result of the richness and variety of the local flora.

Once you have stocked up on jars of honey to take back as a souvenir of your stay on this beautiful island, return to the hotel for your check-out, a late check-out is possible so do remember to ask for this when booking, this will allow you to continue to enjoy the bungalow up to the moment of your departure.

On return to the La Roche aerodrome, return your vehicle and catch your flight to Noumea-Magenta.

To help you with your reservations, the ILE Agency is at your disposal with a team specialized in the Loyalty Islands, who will advise you and assist you in the planning and the smooth running of your trip.
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