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Tour of 4 days/3 nights in Ouvéa

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  • 14 November 2022
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Tour of 4 days/3 nights in Ouvéa

We sometimes hear people say that in Ouvéa, "apart from the beach, there is nothing to do". Let yourself be guided by this programme that offers you 4 busy days, and you will see that Ouvéa has much more to offer. But don't forget to enjoy the beach!

Day 1

Upon arrival at 9:40 am at Hulup Aerodrome on Air-Caledonie’s 1st flight, you will be on the island around 10 am, once you have collected your luggage and your rental car if you opt for this option, head for the Heo tribal village in the north of the island. You will be at the Le Banian gîte.your tribal hosts, around 11 am.

Our suggestion for lunch, if you feel peckish on arrival, is to stop on the road at the O'Kafika Snack at the Hanawa tribal village and taste local products served in Creole fashion facing the lagoon of Iaai. Not far from the snack bar is the blue hole of Hanawa..

Dedicate the rest of the day to visiting the sites of the North:

The turtle hole : To access it, take the road south, 5 minutes from the gite, after the chapel of the Takédji tribal village and at the ramp, take the road on your left and go straight. You will cross the coconut grove and quarries, leave them behind you and continue your way until you cross a dense forest, from this moment on, drive slowly and look carefully on your right side, as only a metal pole signals the entrance to the dirt road that goes down to a place where you can park your vehicle. The hole is on your right a few steps away. It is a chasm several metres deep, connected to the sea by underwater galleries. You will be able to observe turtles that have become accustomed to using these galleries and come to breathe on the surface.

On the way back, don’t retrace your steps but continue until the exit at the tribal village of Weneki 15 minutes away, then turn right onto the main road towards the Ognat tribal village. At the entrance to the tribal village you can park on the side on your right, a staircase will take you down to the small Tiberia beach.It is a good place for snorkelling, and you can observe countless fish as well as sharks. Caution is advised, however, as the currents here are strong.

These sites are freely accessible, and you will not have to ask for authorization to visit them unless you have a drone, then you will need authorization from the customary people of the district of Saint-Joseph.
For dinner, be sure to notify the owners of the gite in advance.

Day 2

For this day, a hike is essential to complete the discovery of the north of the island, contact Antoine, who will offer you the Hnimêk hike on the northern borders of the island, and discover the wonders of nature and a unique ecosystem, an extraordinary sensation of land still free of any human presence.

Meet in front of St. Joseph’s Church (5 minutes from the Banian gite) at the appointed time with your guide. You will leave with your car accompanied by Antoine to the starting point of the hike (allow about 10 minutes by car, along the beach, with no difficulty on the path). Upon arrival on-site, you will leave the car and continue the hike on foot.

Concerning the hike : – Distance a 6 km round trip
– Duration of 3 hours (more or less depending on your choice)
– No meals are planned (Antoine will prepare a tasting of local fruit for you).
The different things of interest to discover along the path : – Discovery of the shark nursery, and swimming in the pass facing Unyée islet
– A demonstration of traditional fishing
– Crossing dry forest and mangrove
– Discovery of the local fauna and flora
– Unforgettable moment to share with your guide Antoine and more surprises to come ...

After a day in the fresh air, you will be eager to return to your case and rest, of course, you will have warned the owners of the cottage if you want to dine on-site.

Day 3

Check out from Banian early, as you leave for a day at sea in the southern Pleiades with Charly. Starting from the Banian gite, heading to the south of the island (40 km), go to the Moague gite at the time set by Charly who has organised a boat trip to and a barbecue on Gee Island.

About the excursion : – Number of people: from 4 minimum
– Duration of the excursion: full day or half a day, depending on your choice
– Charly offers grilled meat to enjoy on-site
– The excursion includes a visit to the islets on the southern Pleiades and snorkelling to discover the riches of the seabed listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When it's the season, you can watch dolphins too
– The return to the starting point is around 14:30/15:00

After your excursion, you will resume your way towards the centre, and the Hnyimèhè tribal village, for your check-in at the Hotel Beaupré. The hotel has comfortable bungalows in a flower garden facing the Fayaoué beach from where you can assist at the magnificent spectacle of turtles coming to bathe in the last rays of the sun. The Hotel often offers attractive rates with meals or breakfasts included, inquire in advance with our Agency for current offers.

Day 4

On this last day, take the time to check out of the hotel. Air-Calédonie’s last flight from Hulup Aerodrome is at 4 p.m. So you will have the time and the choice between 2 tour options:

A visit to the vanilla plantation at the Weyep campsite which is located 2 minutes from the aerodrome. To get there, make an appointment with Kevin in front of the BCI bank, he will be happy to come and meet you to take you to his home and let you discover his vanilla plantation.
Discover the Anubet caveWith your guide, Dominique Tanghmelen hike through a virgin forest and take a swim in the cave

These visits last between 1 and 2 hours. If you go around 9 am you will have plenty of time to return to the Beaupré hotel for lunch in its restaurant, or its snack bar for those with smaller appetites and those in a hurry.

At 3 p.m., it is check-in time at Hulup Aerodrome, return the vehicle to your rental company ready for the departure of your flight to Magenta airport in Noumea at 4:00 p.m.

To help you with your reservations, the ILE Agency is at your disposal with a team specialized in the Loyalty Islands, who will advise you and assist you in the planning and the smooth running of your trip.

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