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Tour 4 days/3 nights in Lifou

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  • 12 November 2022
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Tour 4 days/3 nights in Lifou

Lifou, or Drehu in the vernacular is sometimes called "the island of many faces", because of its cultural diversity and the many facets that the island offers in terms of landscape: beaches, forests, hiking, and places to visit, and the many experiences that the visitor eager for discovery can experience.

With an area of 1,150 km², the island is quite extensive, we recommend that for a visit of 4 days spend 2 nights in the south of the island and the last in the north, which will bring you closer to the aerodrome for the return if you decide to go by plane, the ferry always remaining the cheapest option.

Day 1

The first flight from Noumea Magenta is at 6:10 am from Tuesday to Saturday. Upon arrival at Wanaham Airfield at 6:50 am, collect your luggage and your rental car. A car is highly recommended to visit every corner of the island.

At the exit of Wanaham Airfield, head to the south of the island, signs will show you the way. Pass the main village of Wé, where you will find everything that you need: supermarkets, petrol station, bank etc. and continue to the Mou tribal village, where beforehand, you will have booked your accommodation at the Tamanou gite.

The gite is some 57 km from Wanaham, however, don’t worry as it is worth the journey, the gite sits in a most beautiful setting. The gite reflects the atmosphere that reigns on the island of Lifou, it is calm, atypical, generous and above all human. Eric, your host is a very good cook and will delight you with his dishes.

To see nearby :

  • Cap des Pins, ask Eric to organise a guide. Head to the Cape of Pines, it is at the edge of Mou and just before the Joj tribal village. Access to the summit is by car, the rest of the ramble is on foot where you have to go down two plateaus through a thick forest of columnar pines to finally reach a coral plateau cut into sharp points by erosion and overlooking the sea. The place is exposed to the wind and strong tidal movements so that with time, the waves, the wind, and the rain have dug into the structure to create these natural pools in which your feet will sometimes not touch the bottom!
  • The Xodré cliffs, are also called "the end of the world" as the site offers a unique view from the top of the cliffs perched on the edge of the deep, rockbound and very rough sea.
  • Happy Vanilla Tour of Luès is one of the many different aspects of the island. Vanilla production is booming on the Loyalty Islands and is intended to be a new economic resource for the inhabitants. A great enthusiast, Luès will tell you the story of Lifou vanilla and will explain the many secrets of its cultivation to you.

Day 2

Take a tour of the Jewels of Luengöni, a 10-minute drive from the Luengöni tribal village. Ask for a guide beforehand from Mrs. PIA Pacué. Lifou is known for its caves, and this one hides a sheet of translucent water at 22 ° C in which one bathes plunged in darkness, but guided by the halos of a flashlight. Allow two hours for this must-see visit.

Then take the time to picnic on the beautiful bay of Luengöni. The Island of Lifou is full of unique treasures like this. Luengöni Beach is one of those must-see places during your stay. Access is from the middle of the tribal village by following the signs to the Hukekep, lodge, or if in doubt don’t hesitate to ask the inhabitants of the tribal village for directions. Spaces are available under the trees to park easily.

In the afternoon, once you have enjoyed your picnic on this amazing bay, you can end the day by going north to Wé and then heading west to Peng Beach, a white sandy beach on the edge of Sandalwood Bay. It is here that a sculptor has taken up residence. Visit his workshop, and you will find many of his original sculptures, perfect souvenirs of Drehu. His speciality is working in sandalwood. In addition, this is the most beautiful place in the south of Lifou to watch the sunset.

Heading back south, why not stop on the way to eat, either at the Melimala restaurant in Wé or at the Oasis de Kiamu, hotel-restaurant, where the setting and atmosphere are both delightful?

Day 3

Check out fairly early, as we will be taking you North today, where you will spend this last night at the Faré Cliff cottagein a beautiful setting with a panoramic view from its bungalows. While waiting to spend the night, dedicate this day to a walk in the forest that will take you to the secret Kiki Beach , Rarely referenced in tourist guides and maps, Kiki is the secret hidden at the end of a path through a forest after the football field of Chépénéhé. The path involves a 30 to 40-minute walk and is relatively flat and passable but remember to bring closed shoes. Hidden at the foot of the cliffs, the beach is a haven of peace some hundred metres in length and bordered by turquoise water. If you arrive at low tide, you will enjoy this beautiful little bay even more.

After enjoying the morning at Kiki Beach, end the day at the Jokin Cliffs, with their grey rocks, and lush vegetation contrasting with the turquoise waters. The panorama offered by the cliffs is one of the most beautiful in New Caledonia. Stairs allow you to descend to the foot of the cliffs in 5 to 10 minutes and provide many exceptional views of this unique spot during the descent. The sheltered bay offers the opportunity for some gorgeous snorkelling moments. As the sun goes down the rocks light up and are tinged with gold so take a deep breath enjoy the moment to the full and enjoy the particularly pleasant temperature at sunset.

Day 4

Before your return, dedicate this last day to the last spot not to be missed, Jinek Bay for a snorkelling session. If you like exotic fish and corals, you cannot but be seduced by Jinek Bay. It is located in Easo, on the northwest coast of Lifou, a 15-minute drive from Jokin. This must-see site in Lifou is also nicknamed "the Natural Aquarium". Through the surface of the water, superbly translucent, you will immediately see the magnificent corals that have given rise to the spot’s reputation. An invitation to discover some of the most beautiful seabeds of Lifou, where hundreds of tropical fish flourish.

After your snorkelling session, do not overlook to visit the chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes, Perched on the hill overlooking Sandalwood Bay the chapel offers a magnificent point of view to admire the bay. To access it, you must take a small path that starts from the road to the point. This small chapel of simple shape painted white with a red roof, and a porch topped with a statue of the Virgin Mary offers you a beautiful panorama of the lagoon. Nearby, in the cruise ship arrival area, you will have the opportunity to buy from the wide range of local products expressing the culture and know-how of the people of Lifou.

You have almost finished your stay, so return to the Faré Falaise gite for a good meal, which you will have ordered earlier, before you depart for Wanaham Aerodrome. The last flight from Lifou is at 7 pm.

As an option before your check-in, you can make a quick stop at the House of Vanilla, in the Hnathalo tribal village just 5 minutes from the aerodrome. Here you can buy some vanilla to take back as a souvenir.

To help you with your reservations, the ILE Agency is at your disposal with a team specialized in the Loyalty Islands, who will advise you and assist you in the planning and the smooth running of your trip.
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