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Escape to an authentic world

Escape to an authentic world

Off the beaten track: more than just a tourist trip to the Loyalty Islands, this tour allows you not only to discover the essentials of the islands heritage but also to stay within a community. You will live to the rhythm of the local population and their daily activities, in perfect harmony with nature. A unique experience that is sure to change your vision of the Loyalty Islands.

OUVÉA - Day 1

9:00 am: Departure from Noumea of your flight to Hulup Aerodrome in Ouvéa, you will be on the island at around 10 am, where you will be welcomed by Gervais Baly (Transport Nasylia), your driver.

10:45 am: Gervais will accompany you to his Guest House known as Monique's in Mouli, where Monique, his wife will be waiting for you at your accommodation at around 11:30 / 11:40 am, it’s a small structure that offers a villa with rooms and a traditional hut or case as they are called, you can make your choice of where you want to spend your night.

Before you undertake any activity in the afternoon, you can have lunch at Snack Fassy, located near the Mouli Bridge. From there you can discover the Fayawa Islet, just opposite, with your guide Rodolphe: You can visit the village, the chapel, fields, the water hole, and the coconut grove, and hike in the forest, climbing the rocks for views of the Lékiny cliffs and Mouli bridge.

Take your evening meal at the Didewa snack before overnighting at Monique and Gervais.

OUVÉA - Day 2

Go on a tour of the island with Gervais, your driver and Monique your guide for the visit of the must-sees of Ouvéa.

1st stop: : Although Mouli Bridge (currently being rebuilt) itself is not fascinating. It is the environment surrounding this bridge that is interesting as it offers a magnificent panorama, from where you can observe the cliffs of Lékine, Fayawa islet and the lagoon. Marine fauna (rays, turtles, sharks etc.) are all visible from the bridge. The beach below the bridge is particularly beautiful and unspoiled. Swimming is allowed only on the lagoon side of the bridge; caution must be exercised however as the current here is particularly strong!!

2nd stop : Tiberia beach, at the entrance of the Ognat tribal village in the North of the island. You can park on the side of the road, and on your right, a staircase will take you down to the small Tiberia beach. It is a good place for snorkelling, where you can observe many fish as well as sharks. Caution is advised, however, as the currents here are strong.

3rd stop : Although turtle hole, which is a chasm several metres deep, connected to the sea by underwater galleries. Here you can observe turtles that have become accustomed to using these galleries and frequently come to the surface.

4th stop : Visit the Weyep campsite vanilla plantation located just 2 minutes from the aerodrome, Kevin the owner will be happy to help you discover his vanilla plantation.

Take your meal at the Didewa snack, with an overnight stay at Chez Monique.

OUVÉA - Day 3-4

Departure to Hulup Aerodrome for the check-in for your flight with the Air Loyalty Company to Wanaham, Lifou.


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by Marianna Ijezié your guide for a two-day tour of the sea and forest and discover the myths and legends of the Sacred Land (Zimetrötr), the medicinal plants of the forest and the history of the implantation of the Gospel, with which Kanak life today is deeply impregnated. A two-day tour with a bivouac is proposed:

Included : breakfast, seafood meals, bougna, snorkelling activities, and boating. fishing, collecting shells etc. on the beaches, vigil on Ngöni beach, botanical discovery, myths and legends, and swimming excursions.

– Nuitée en Bivouac + repas sur place

LIFOU - Day 5

For the last 2 days, take a rental car. Yes, a car, because to visit the island in its entirety and every corner, it is essential to be mobile.

Step 1 : Jinek Bay for a short snorkelling session. If you like exotic fish and corals, you will be seduced by Jinek Bay. This must-see site of Lifou is also nicknamed "the Natural Aquarium", where through its amazingly translucent water you will see the magnificent corals that gave rise to the spot’s reputation. This is an opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful seabeds in Lifou, where hundreds of tropical fish flourish.

Stage 2 : The The Jokin Cliffs, with its grey rocks, lush vegetation and turquoise waters, the panorama offered from these cliffs is one of the most beautiful in New Caledonia. Stairs allow you to descend to the foot of the cliffs in 5 to 10 minutes, with some exceptional views on the way. The sheltered bay offers an opportunity for some unforgettable snorkelling, and even better, as the sun sinks the rocks are lit up and tinged with gold.

An overnight stay and meals at the gite and table d'hôte Le Tamanou. The gite reflects the atmosphere that reigns on this island of Lifou, one that is calm, atypical, generous and above all profoundly human. Eric, your host is a very good cook and will delight you with his dishes.

LIFOU - Day 6

Avant de quitter Lifou, vous cherchez les meilleurs endroits pour s’immerger dans une nouvelle culture ? Les marchés locaux naturellement et sans hésiter ! Quoi de plus agréable en plus quand il est possible de lier découvertes et gourmandise. Le plus important marché de l’île est situé sous une grande Halle en plein cœur du chef-lieu Wé. Vous pourrez y apprécier les stands variés et colorés : fruits, légumes, poissons, bijoux, vêtements locaux. C’est aussi un excellent moyen d’échanger avec les habitants de l’île. Si vous arrivez très tôt, vous pourrez y prendre votre petit déjeuner.

– 10h00 : Départ pour le Port de Wé, convocation 2h à l’avance (10h45) pour la traversée en bateau avec la compagnie maritime Betico.
– 12h45 : Départ du bateau de Lifou à destination du port de Tadine Maré.
– 14H45 : Arrivée au port de Tadine Maré.


Upon arrival at the Port of Tadine, pick up your rental car with Olalic rental and leave for the Cuaden tribal village, where you will be welcomed by your guide Felix (Eco Rando Locékol) for a total disconnection from your world and immersion in nature.

Overnight a bivouac under the stars. Breakfast over a wood fire, and swimming in the sea

MARÉ - Day 7

Discover this beautiful island and its fantastic spots at the wheel of your car. Felix will prepare a snack for you, and you will be able to sit down for lunch in Step 4 below

Step 1 : There Pethoen Cave, one of the most spectacular in Maré. There is a thick curtain of stalactites down which slip droplets, they create shadows on the clear blue water, it is a scene of endless jumping competitions organized by the children of the tribal village.

Stage 2 : Although Warrior's Leap, this is a 7 m wide split in the rocks. The cliff dominates the sea and according to legend, a warrior jumped over this crack in a single leap. You will see beautiful blue seas and from the barrier, where you will have a breathtaking view of the island.

Step 3 : Although Hole of Bone, we can see the hole from the road. But you must then leave the car on the side of the road and take the small path that leads closer to this impressive hole. You can barely see the bottom as vegetation grows inside the hole. You will discover one of the largest submerged cavities in the world. Its 50 m well leads to an underground lake of more than 350,000 m3 of fresh water. An exciting site for lovers of geology.

Step 4 : la Mébuet Beach is accessible from the road that casually passes right next to it, so do halt for a moment to do some snorkelling, the first part of the bay is composed of seagrass and moving towards the depths we find a flat area where you can observe the diversity of its marine fauna and flora. Stop here for swimming and a snack by the sea.

Step 5 : Natural Aquarium is 8km away and is well-signposted and easy to access. The natural aquarium looks like a small piece of the lagoon trapped in a coral well and surrounded by a ring of plants. This shallow pool with its emerald tones communicates with the sea through a siphon (it is forbidden to swim here). During cyclonic events, fish and turtles come to find refuge. Wi Dongo is an area just across the road from the natural aquarium that is home to a variety of centuries-old endemic mangroves.

Overnight stay and dinner at the Nengone Village HotelNestled on the edge of one of the most beautiful white sand coves on the island of Maré. Surrounded by coconut trees and columnar pines, the Nengone Village Hotel with its bungalows and Grand Comfort huts offers visitors a haven of calm and a complete change of scenery.

Take breakfast at the hotel, check-out and head in the direction of the port of Tadine for check-in at 09:45
– 11h45 : Départ du Betico à destination de Nouméa.

The ILE agency will make every effort to ensure that the preparation of your trip is both relaxed and flexible.

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